About ArtSpot

MISSION: ArtSpot is the public art subcommittee of Johns Creek Beautification (JCB) and is dedicated to the use of art in public outdoor places as a means to strengthen and enrich the identity and culture of the City of Johns Creek community

PUBLIC ART MASTER PLAN: The Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce, through its Leadership Class, and JCB created a public art plan for consideration by the City. The document was approved by the Mayor and City Council in April 2013 and established the general criteria for public art, locations, and process of approvals. As part of this approval, the associated ordinances were revised to enable the implementation of the community’s long-awaited vision.

APPROACH: Working in tandem with the City of Johns Creek , JCB plans to actively work to implement our public art initiative, ArtSpot. It is envisioned that with multiple locations available in parks and on rights-of-way throughout the city, JCB would issue a call to artist to submit public art pieces for consideration based upon the final agreed locations. JCB would lead the fundraising efforts with a final goal of purchasing at least one of the pieces of public art for the community per year.

COMING SOON: The second call for art will be out in late summer/early fall 2016. The dates of the exhibition will be from April 2017 to March 2018.

For all artists interested, please review our