The Board of Directors of Johns Creek Beautification would like to thank a number of people for their part in making another successful tour in 2019.  It really takes a village, and without all involved, this tour does not happen:

Our Tour Property Homeowners:  Thank you for your graciousness, time and investment in opening your stunning yards to strangers, so that they can be inspired, amazed and appreciate what is truly possible with nature's pallette.

The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve: Thank you for joining our tour and opening the eyes of our community to the wonderful educational and interesting resources available "just down the street" in Johns Creek.

Our Sponsors: Thank you for your investment in our mission that allows us to promote, prepare and deliver a first class garden tour.  We really hope to have a long and beneficial partnership with each of you for future events.

Our Artists and Musicians: You are the frosting on the cake and make our garden tour extra special.  Whether forging steel, painting, playing instruments or singing in a band, you provide that additional entertainment that make our classy gardens even more classy!

Our Tour Day Volunteers:  Thank you for taking your precious weekend time to make our guests feel warm, welcomed, safe, comfortable and educated.  You are all so kind, caring and helpful in bringing Tour Day together

Our Planning Committee:  Wow!  You are just amazing.  You have spent countless hours during the last eight months of your life working as a cohesive, caring and highly considerate team to ultimately bring a day of joy to a lot of people.  Our guest garden lovers are a special lot, and I'm sure they truly appreciate the very hard and effective work that you have done.  We certainly have!

Our Guests:  This event is ultimately for you!  Thank you for trusting in mother nature this year and showing up in force on tour day to enjoy a great show.  Our property owners have great pride in their yards, and I assure you it warms their hearts to see the joy in your faces as you peruse their gardens.  They love your interest, your curiosity, your conversations and hope that you are able to take away some great ideas for your own home.

Until next year, thank you once again, and keep an eye out for tour photos in the coming weeks!


Mike & Lynne Riley / Steven & Betsy Kramer / Mike and Laurie Born /

John and Georgia Ellis / Georgia Nickles / Studio 16 Artists


The term "raising awareness" has entered into our everyday language. We are constantly being made aware of environmental issues, our habits and our vulnerabilities. While there are numerous worthy causes, our cause is simple: to drive to a beautiful, clean community that exudes pride and purpose... to a place we call home. 

Johns Creek Beautification is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been formed to enhance and preserve the natural beauty in our common areas and public spaces through landscape installations, environmental preservation and public works of art.

return-callout-green.pngThe beginnings of JCB took root prior to the creation of the city of Johns Creek with the Medlock Bridge Beautification Project on SR 141, which was executed under the stewardship of the Johns Creek Community Association (JCCA). Community and state leaders worked together with the JCCA to formalize plans and to secure and facilitate $100,000 in grants from the Fulton County Tree Fund, along with donations from local businesses, to ensure the successful installation of Phase I. 

Today, the JCB continues that tradition. We work closely with the City of Johns Creek to help secure grants for landscaping and beautification projects. In fact, JCB donations of $15,000 helped the city obtain more than $130,000 in grants to fund landscaping at Jones Bridge and Abbots Bridge and at States Bridge Road, Kimball Bridge as well as landscaping for the planned Kimball Bridge Multi-Use Trail project. 

Help us continue this return on investment. 

We believe that beauty, in its many forms, calms or ignites the soul. Our goal is to raise awareness in a different way…..to initiate projects and to be involved in establishing and maintaining a standard of living that contributes to the visual and physical comfort of the citizens and businesses of Johns Creek.