Johns Creek Beautification, Inc.

We believe that beauty, in its many forms, calms or ignites the soul.
Our cause is simple – a beautiful, clean community that exudes pride and purpose...
a place we call home.

Johns Creek Beautification (JCB), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2007 for the specific purpose of enhancing and preserving the natural beauty in our common areas and public spaces through landscape installations, environmental preservation, and public works of art.  Our goal is to be involved in establishing and maintaining a standard of living that contributes to the visual and physical comfort of the citizens and businesses of Johns Creek.

Secret Garden Tour - Johns Creek Beautification launched its wildly successful city-wide garden tour in 2018. The Secret Gardens of Johns Creek Tour, was a well-attended, multi-generational, culturally diverse outdoor community event.  Tour patrons enjoyed walking through exquisite personal properties.  In 2019, JCB partnered with Autrey Mill Nature Preserve (AMNP) for its second annual Garden Tour. For more information about the Secret Garden Tour of 2021 click here.

Daffodils4Hope -
Daffodils4Hope was launched in 2019, in partnership with CanCare Atlanta, to support cancer survivors.  Large beds of daffodils were planted at several locations in the city including the Veterans Memorial at Newtown Park. The goal is to find and plant daffodils at additional locations over the next few years, as a way to raise awareness of the specific needs of cancer survivors and to beautify our city. 

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." – Aristotle

Art Spot - In 2015, Johns Creek Beautification created Art Spot, the public art subcommittee dedicated to the use of art in public outdoor places as a means to strengthen and enrich the identity and culture of the Johns Creek community. For more info go to

Median Beautification

Even before Johns Creek became a city, the Johns Creek Community Association (JCCA) collaborated with community and state leaders to secure $100,000 in grants from the Fulton County Tree Fund, along with donations from local businesses, which allowed the city to secure additional, larger grants.  Johns Creek Beautification was created to lead the median and right-of-way beautification efforts along the Medlock and State Bridge corridors.  The organization spent its early years setting down roots with the newly formed City of Johns Creek by working closely with them on the median projects, donating tree saplings to Northview High School and local neighborhoods, paving the way for public art installations, and by navigating funding processes for future projects.


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