Dream big


JCB_Proclamation.jpgThe city of Johns Creek was a big dream in its own right, and that big dream has inspired others to reach for higher goals, make greater contributions and go beyond the status quo.

The creation of Johns Creek Beautification was an extension of that big dream, we believe. Our dream was simply to create a beautiful, clean community that exudes pride and purpose... a place we call home. 


Operating effectively as a public private partnership created to benefit the citizens of the City of Johns Creek, our mission is to provide landscaping enhancement and preservation, architectural installations and public works of art in common areas and medians.

We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the community while sustaining the property values for the residents and businesses within the City of Johns Creek.

Sometimes we accomplish this by executing our own projects, or we raise and donate funds to help the city obtain grants or provide other Johns Creek non-profits funds they need to complete an initiative. 

Some of our recent donations helped in the following areas:

  • Gateway median landscaping 
  • Johns Creek Greenway landscaping and pedestrian shelters
  • Landscaping around the entrance to the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial in Newtown Park

If you'd like more information on how you can participate in our cause, please contact us at