2016 ArtSpot Exhibition Winners


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Congratulations to all the winners of our inaugural year's ArtSpot Exhibition! Follow Artspot on Facebook at artspotjc and Twitter @artspotjc to learn more about these sculptures and ArtSpot events.

 Around town


He Stopped and Turned
Charlie Brouwer, charliebrouwer.com
Season: 2015-2016
Location: Newtown Park, Turtle Pond

Hailing from Willis, Va., artist Charlie Brouwer has been creating art since 1968. His work ranges from small indoor gallery pieces to large outdoor sculptures, like He Turned and Stopped. Brouwer says his wood sculptures are search for meaning, truth and beauty, and he draws on experiences, beliefs and feelings to produce his pieces. "... I re-experience life through art by looking for evidence of beauty, truth, goodness, honesty, mercy, hope and generosity. Brouwer likes to push the boundaries of public art. He has worn a backpack sculpture to a public art conference and made book sculptures for a library to shelve and check out. 


Teak Bench Watcher
Jim Collins, collins3d.com
Season: 2015-2016
Location: Newtown Park

Tennessee artist Jim Collins' sculpture style uses silhouette figures constructed of stainless steel, brass and painted steel. The diagonal lines are a technique he uses to set up a visual tension for the viewer. Seeing the lines causes one to respond in much the same way as they do upon seeing a warning sign and barricade along the road way. With the diagonal there is a sense of activity or impending motion that is absent in compositions with horizontal or vertical lines.


Gregory Johnson, moderngj.com
Season: 2015-2016
Location: Johns Creek Walk 

The work of Suwanee, Ga.-based Gregory Johnson whose works suggest the pathways of liefe, the forces of nature or emotions of humanity. He says that for his modern works, his starting point is a circle. "As a thematic symbol, [the circle] reaches out to me with a cleanliness of shape, present in our everyday life, and the fact that it has no corners - just one beautiful line with no beginning, middle or end. The circle is an incredible spiritual shape that invites interpretation. I use the entire circle, whole and complete, contrast it with segments of the circle, or shapes that have circle segments."


Jennifer Garrett, jgarrettart.com
Season: 2015-2016
Location: Medlock Bridge Road, between Findlay and Johns Creek Walk

Jennifer Garrett, a resident of Gainsville, Fla., is the artist behind Thrive. Her sculpture is constructed of both stainless and mild steel with a white, high-gloss powder coat finish. The four forms convey a sense of family relationships and can be placed in a variety of locations and configurations, with each installation conveying different family dynamics. The high-gloss finish with neutral white coating enhances the streamlined and exacting form and reflects the environment in which it is installed. Garrett uses her interest in biology in her art, using the forms and logic of biology to express the illogical, dynamic relationships between people. The forms are constructed through an architectural approach, working with lines and planes to create volumetric forms.

Johnson_-SPLASH.jpg   Splash
Gregory Johnson, moderngj.com
Season: 2015-2016
Location: Johns Creek Walk 

Splash is one of two works on display from Gregory Johnson, a Suwanee, Ga.-based artist who has, for the past 50 years, focused on figurative themes cast in stainless steel. With these works, Johnson says he chose not to focus on things we can see or are familiar with, such as a person. Rather, "I chose to depict elements we people feel, but cannot necessarily touch or quantify. The warmth of the sun, the secure and loving feeling of a Family, the strength of nature; these are just a few of the elements I'm touching on." 


Creepy Crawly
Adam Walls, adamwallssculpture.com
Season: 2015-2016
Location: Newton Park

Adam Walls, of Hope Mills, N.C., says this 400-pound painted steel sculpture "is part of a series that concerns my escapist thoughts which began in my childhood. Many of these ideas and fantasies sprung forth from the comics, toys, and cartoons I was fond of as a young boy. Admittedly, I am still very fond of them as an adult!" 

Walls is both an artist and an art educator who has taught at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke since 2007.


Ray Katz, 
Season: 2015-2016
Location:Boles/Bell Road Roundabout

Detroit native Ray Katz, says his abstract sculptures "allude to an evolutionary process that [he] associates with the evolution of life experiences that we all commonly share. Striving for visual balance and the implied energy of a compositional organization become an evolutionary process that I associate with the evolution of life experiences that we all commonly share." His art has been exhibited in Japan, France, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey and throughout southern and western Michigan.

Katz currently teaches, sculpture, drawing and design at the Auburn Hills, Mich. campus of Oakland Community College, where he serves as Professor of Art