About Us

Mission Statement

Johns Creek Beautification was formed for the specific purpose of providing landscaping enhancement or preservation, architectural installations and public works of art in common areas and medians, and adding to both visual and physical comfort while sustaining property values for the residents and businesses within the City of Johns Creek.

Median and Right-of-Way Beautification

The small beginnings of JCB were in motion prior to the official creation of the City by way of the Medlock Bridge Beautification Project on SR 141, which was completed under the stewardship of the Johns Creek Community Association (JCCA). Community and state leaders worked together with the JCCA to formalize plans, secure and facilitate $100K in Fulton County Tree Fund grants plus local business donations to ensure the successful installation of Phase I.

Public Works Of Art

JCB has worked with the City of Johns Creek to create a Public Arts Master Plan, which enables the community to create public arts projects that support and advance the vision, design and community development goals of the City and its various departments. JCB seeks to commission works from local and regional artists that will be installed as inspirational public art to encourage and restore a sense of discovery, vitality and identity in our City, while becoming a visual record of the growth of the community and its artistic development.

Land Enhancement & Park Preservation

Using the City of Johns Creek's zoning and planning approval process, JCB can encourage and promote the involvement of City planners, private developers, community and neighborhood groups, business associations and citizens to engage in enhancement and preservation common areas and public lands. This will assist in the development of sustainable initiatives, including land enhancement for public use, thereby shaping programs for the public good and securing public/private ownership.