Secret Gardens of Johns Creek

Descriptions of the Gardens You'll See on May 12!




Home #1 Garden

This secret garden contains a variety of elements that are sure to inspire all visitors. Behind this lovely Prestwick community home, the garden offers a sense of inspiration, from the time visitors step through the garden gate into the garden. The owners of this lovely home have thought of everything, creating the feel of separate garden rooms. The innovative design of the various garden elements, such as the pool, pool house, play areas, outdoor kitchen and best uses of outdoor living space is extremely impressive. If visitors are looking for ideas to enhance their own properties, they definitely will be inspired by this beautiful Johns Creek property!

Home #2 Garden 

This featured Prestwick property on the tour is truly a “behind-the-garden gate” surprise. The pathway into the garden is very inviting as the sound of falling water creates a peaceful sanctuary. This lush backyard has a very lovely pond that is home to some extremely mature Koi eager to greet you! The pond is surrounded by a garden filled with a variety of lovely magnolias, hollies, azaleas, ferns, fatsia and other classic annuals and perennials.

Home #3 GardenThis other Prestwick secret garden is certainly a reminder of a how a challenging backyard can be transformed through clever landscaping into a lush, inviting entertainment oasis. Complete with an outdoor kitchen, a uniquely positioned waterfall and a beautiful stone fireplace, this garden has become a space where the owners and their guests love to socialize.  Additionally, the newly planted surroundings serve to enhance this welcoming entertainment area and will offer you many ideas for your own backyard.

Home #4 Garden

This garden is a prime example of how a homeowner’s varying terrain can be transformed into a delightful landscape. Different sections of the garden have been designed to create a variety of outdoor living experiences. As you walk through the first gate and down the terracing stairs, an inviting pool with cascading waterfalls entices you to take a refreshing swim.  As you walk past the first fountain and up the rock steps you are tempted to rest peacefully on the hammock next to a babbling water feature in this quiet spot. Through another garden gate is a private gathering spot to cocktail and dine in front of an outdoor fireplace with friends. And up beautiful platform steps is an all season room attached to the house featuring another fireplace, a beautiful dining area and a welcoming sitting room with an entertainment center and a built in green egg for grilling.

Home #5 Garden 

Sitting on the bank of the Chattahoochee River in the Thornhill community, this lovely home is accentuated by a long driveway and front garden that were designed to complement this elegant southern home’s entrance. The mature woodland backyard of this secret garden contains a magnificent, newly built veranda, sunroom, and screened porch that overlook large hardwoods and many shade loving plants, such as rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, ferns, hostas and Japanese maples. Visitors can meander along well landscaped, tree-lined pathways. Additionally, a gazebo and other enhancing garden elements will surely please all visitors. The side yard contains a newly installed formal garden with interesting use of boxwoods, perennials, groundcovers and gravel which, along with the rest of the property, will give you many ideas for your own home!

Home #6 Garden 

This garden is inspired by the homeowner’s love of nature and wildlife. As you look around the yard there are many things that are hospitable to birds. Atop a small incline, a recycled vegetable garden has been turned into a monarch butterfly migration area. There you will find native nectar-producing wildflowers and milkweed which are larval host plant of the monarch. The breezeway and carriage house garage is an addition to the home, designed to enjoy the birds and wildlife during all seasons. This covered patio area serves as additional living space for family and friends and goes from “coffee to wine”, taking advantage of the mild winters and enduring sunshine of the south.

The homeowner had her yard certified as a National Wildlife Backyard Habitat by meeting the criteria of providing wildlife with food, shelter, water and a place to raise young. If you are interested in qualifying your yard please go to

Home #7 Garden 

Located behind a mid-century ranch in the Cameron Forest neighborhood, this secret garden sanctuary is the result of years of work by their artist owners. Complete with a pool framed by a mature, stunning Japanese maple, private gazebo and a fabulous collection of their own art placed throughout the yard, this quaint little garden illustrates what imagination and hard work will produce. The garden has been many years in the making and reveals the joy and love that was part of the process. Additionally, the gardens leading up to the home offer a welcoming feeling and also features unique artwork created by the owners.

Home #8 Garden 

Built in 1988, this lovely five-acre estate complements its Williamsburg style home with a variety of garden areas. The garden was designed to create a serene country feel. Enjoy the expansive, lush manicured lawns, Magnolias and other large trees as you walk up the long winding gravel driveway.  The front yard contains beautiful formal boxwood hedges, a fountain and seasonal color, all of which lead you through the gate to a beautiful secret garden. The first thing you will notice is an enormous oak with a unique trunk structure framing additional boxwood hedges, hostas and annuals along a relaxing brick patio with ferns. The sense that visitors will have is surely of a time long ago. From the patio, visitors will see a peaceful pool, woodlands, meadows and other delightful amenities.

As you leave the property, be sure and visit the nearby historic cemetery, which is the final resting place for some of the original settlers of the Johns Creek area. For instance, Nellie Bell, for whom Nellie Brook Court and Bell Road were named, is buried there.